0.007 inches thickness... will it laser ? ;)


Just wondering if it is safe to insert this type of material 0,007 inches PET film into the glowforge… will it get sucked in the fan ? Thanks for your help trying to donate face shields and want to be safe too…

Yup the fan will pick up any cut out pieces. Films need to be stuck down to something.


Try a Seklema Mat. That should hold it down and it’s designed for laser use.


Actually, that’s the same size as the blue Mylar stencil film I use. While sometimes it occasionally does blow the smaller pieces around a bit, I’ve not had any trouble with it getting to the fan. It usually ends up toward the front of the crumb tray. All I do is place it on a piece of card stock held down with very small magnets (larger ones interfere with the head). Make sure there is a magnet on the piece to be cut as well as the waste area.

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I’ve cut a fair amount of Bizzell cardstock, which is ~1/80" (0.0125) just laying on the bed, secured in each corner with neodymium magnets. The designs were quite intricate with a lot of small cut pieces, I never had any issue with them causing a problem. For a simple shield, you’re not going to have lots of small pieces to worry about.

As flashback was not a concern, I didn’t need any kind of backing. As you’re cutting clear shields, then something might be needed if there’s no masking on the material.

I have tiny neodymium magnets N42… could those work ?? are they also a risk of interfering with the laser ? or are they also a risk of being suck by the fan ?

I use those tiny ones all the time. As long as they are strong enough to stick to the crumb tray with your material in between. Larger ones (like > .5 inch) can potentially interfere with the head and are not recommended.

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So I am thinking of putting MDF on top and then cut with the normal MDF settings … do you think that might work ? Also what do you think can I put many layers of the same plastics on top of each other or just go one at a time ?


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