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1:1 Chromebook campus. Working to find a way for students to create and save svg for cutting. Created in canva-circle with triangle. Grouped it but the middle of circle is cut by the triangle. Also tried Google slides and draw. We need to flatten and then just cut around the outside. Also tried Inkscape but have no control of where things are saved. Basically need to layer shapes and save to just cut the outside. I have access to multiple design spaces but students need an option on chromebooks. We do not have a premium acct and I am looking for a FREE design space for students.

http://cuttle.xyz is great!
They have a free account tier which would probably work fine for light usage, or a K-12 education plan if you’re really digging in:
Cuttle - Design tool for digital cutting machines


You also might try just using the Glowforge UI?


User Interface? I don’t have a premium account

We have used this one but need more than 5 free. Looking for something that is

Hmmm you’re right. I hadn’t quite realized how little the GFUI does without Premium.
You really need either Premium, or some design software.


I’d still recommend cuttle.xyz
It’s very powerful, and each student with their own account could probably get by with the 5 project limit.

What you’re trying to do is combine shapes… or “weld” them, or do boolean unions or a boolean difference…

figma.com is another powerful web-based design tool, less specific to using a laser, but would definitely work. It has a similar free tier like Cuttle, but you’d likely still need each student to have their own account.

Good luck! Let us know if there’s other advice I could give.

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Inkscape is free and works great.

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Not on a Chromebook :wink:

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Ahh. I didn’t know that.

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