1/16" color finished hardwood source

I’ve been searching high and low, but can’t seem to find where to source 1/16" hardwood, that’s stained/dyed on both sides and finished like the attached images.

I know I can get 1/16" acrylic from Johnson Plastics, but can’t seem to find 1/16" colored wood anywhere.

I picked this business card up at a craft show and looking for the same material.

Please help!!


That’s a fine question. Monitoring this thread.


I saw colored veneers of various species at Rockler–not sure what their thickness was, though.

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Rockler does have some 1/16" veneer, but I’m looking for pre-dyed/stained veneer and can’t seem to find.

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I was in their Tukwila, WA store the other week which is where I saw them–maybe just stocked in some stores, and it’s in their catalog, but it’s not exactly 1/16th…:


if you’re just looking for veneer, there are lots of options.

i have a mixed sampler from B&B rare woods that i haven’t played with yet.



You might take a look at Cards of Wood: https://www.cardsofwood.com


This is a start, however what I’m searching for is colored or dyed of this same thickness and finish. It seems this is more difficult that I had originally anticipated.

I’ve learned, that some places describe and market 1/16" thickness as veneer, but I’m not looking for a raw wood to finish. I’m looking for a finished, dyed (color not natural wood) to make jewelry and maybe business cards out of.

How about this? https://www.coloradoheirloom.com/products/173/Color-Lacquer-or-Stained-Wood-Strip-br/-4-5-x-14-5-x-1/16-3/32-or-1/8


Nice find—thanks!

This is EXACTLY what I was looking for!!

Also grabbed some unfinished at Rockler earlier today that won’t go to waste.

Great find!!!

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I am glad you found what you want at Colorado Heirloom. I have been very satisfied with the products I have purchased from them, but their lead time is longer than I like. Worth the wait, in my opinion.

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Please post an update when you’ve used this stuff!

Will Do!

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