1/16" MDF Source

Greetings GF community. Maybe I’m having an Amazon challenged day but I just spent about 30 minutes searching their site for a 1/16" (1.6 - 2.0mm) MDF. Does anyone have a source for some? The thinnest my local hardware stores have is 1/8".


This thread on sawmillcreek might be useful. Apparently hard to find in North America?




You have to spend $500 for free shipping, but the shipping rates aren’t crazy if you don’t spend that much. They also have something called laserboard that comes in sizes as thin as 1/64".


Awesome… thanks so much! I’ll check it out.

Wonder it that’s “chipboard”. The brown looks darker and the measurement system (" vs pts) is different but I don’t know what else you could do that thin that cheaply.

I tried to find better pictures of it to see what it actually looks like, but I was unsuccessful. I was thinking it has to be some kind of cardboard. I think you’re on the right track.

Some googling suggests that it may actually be a product called Polybak.