1/2 cut settings and wood type suggestions

Hi all,

has anyone found a soft plywood 1/2 inch that the glow forge can easily cut without burning it to ashes, any settings or techniques would also be appreciated.

thank you

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Sorry, no.

1/2" wood is at the extreme end of what the GF can cut, it won’t be easy no matter what you do, usually requiring multiple passes at different focal heights.

You’re much better off cutting < 1/4" material and layering it after the fact. I’d rather cut 4 layers of 0.125 and glue them up than try even one go at 1/2".


The GF laser is great for 1/8", “ok” for some 1/4" material. Beyond that, it’s not the appropriate tool for the job. Buy a router, or a more expensive laser.


1/2 inch? Sorry, GF just isn’t the right tool for the job. A router or saw (table, jig, or scroll) would be a much better choice.

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