1/2 inch Cutting - sign

I have a production version Basic Glowforge.
We saw some thick cutting on @rpegg’s prerelease at which point Dan said that he might have a pro laser in his prerelease unit.

I’m not sure that a log of my builds exists, and I am afraid I haven’t been tracking my settings as I have been working.

Perhaps that shows me to be a lazy and irresponsible character; but there you have it. My sister and her husband are starting a company, and I asked for a copy of their new logo to play with.

After raiding my mom’s garage I came home with some beat-up scraps. I think this one is poplar; but I really can’t say for sure. I’m not good at identifying the type of wood. Calipers say it is 1/2 inch.

I took a razor to the back of this 1/2 inch board to finish it up. I might have taken another pass with the Glowforge; but I had moved it and didn’t want to miscut.

I decided to sand the outside edges rather than keeping the burn. Artistic choice. Not sure it was the correct one; but that’s what I did.

Love the varying depths, which is why I asked for the logo to begin with.

Despite the damage to the face of the board, I decided that it was a decent enough test to add a coat of poly.


That looks GREAT! WOW! Very nice job!


that does have some nice depth!


It is beautiful


I know I already said my peace on this… piece. But I just came back to admire it again. And it REALLY is stunning! Man… that 1/2"… what a great choice. And the spacing. Okay. I’m done. :slight_smile:

EDIT: So I’m not done. My wife came by to take a gander. She loves it too! :wink:


Great work! Love the ice, simple, flowing logo. I bet your sister and hubby will love it. What kind of company are they starting?

Meh, makes you an artsy type I think :slight_smile: I tend not to get muddled down in the mundane things like taking notes and other stuff that would make it easier and more productive in the long run. I just keep fiddling and adjusting until the concepts just kinda stick in my head. I might never memorize setting, but I usually get to a point of being able to make intuitive estimates Probably not the most exact way to go about it, but it is what it is. C’est la vie.


As a matter of interest, what height did you focus at to cut through 1/2"?


oooooohhhh, that’s really good. I’m hoping to do something similar / an engrave on 1/2 inch deep for a sign, so this is a wonderful example. Thanks. and, three cheers for Solitude! whatever the business is, I’m a big fan of Silence and Solitude - great to see a company with Solitude in the name. :thumbsup: