1/4 birch plywood cut setting

Im trying to cut birch plywood and i have the basic machine. Ive tried settings all on full power from 150 down to 125 even tried 2 passes and its not even close to cutting through material. Ive read about voids and glues which ive experienced in other materials but they at least would cut through most parts but this isnt even marking through the back of the sheet at all. What else do i try as i put speed down so low it was causing more of a flame and i dont want that. Any help appreciated

Ive also tried the proofgrade hardwood setting with no luck either

How thick is the plywood?

1/4 inch

Strange i cut 1/4 plywood all the time. Have you inspected/ cleaned your optics recently? like the main focus lens the 2 windows and mirror?

I did a cleaning a couple of weeks ago where i followed a youtube video that had me take the blue tool to remove the lense and wipe down the other areas noted t/o video. Ive cleaned the main lens several times since then. Ive cut the columbian plywood ordered from home depot which is 1/4 inch just fine along with 1/4 sanded plywood just fine. Just not sure what else to try

Is there a chance you cleaned it before using this product and installed focus lens that you use the blue tool for upside down? That has been known to cause thicker sooty lines that do not go all the way through. Not sure what your cut lines are looking like but it would be an easy thing to check. Also trying to print the “gift of good measure” on some proof grade material would help weed out some issues that the laser might have.

I will check that out just to make sure. Tonight was first try with the birch and when that didnt work i switched to the columbian one and that cut just fine

it might simply be some filler in the problematic plywood. can you hold the sheet in front of a very bright light? you see a dark spot, that will be a problem.

If you don’t mind me asking, what is the cut setting you use for 1/4" plywood? I’m having trouble getting it to cut all the way through