1/4" Proofgrade Clear Acrylic: Memorial and Spinner

The list was for hardwoods, plywoods, and acrylic…all 1/8" for the woods and 1/4 and 1/8" for acrylic. I didn’t consider, but should have, that our versions might be different. Interesting. It also said the settings for score and engrave were not optimized yet, either. Will be interesting to see if the second machine I’ll be receiving is different in this way.

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It may not be in our best interest to fidget with lead.

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Tungsten is heavy! You can get bearings on McMaster. Not for the feint of wallet
Edit: 1/2" steal ball comes in a bag of 100 for $8.18. 1/2" tungsten ball is $12.65. Just one. For 12.65. Just saying


Yes and not yet.

And it does make a big difference. I think the PG cutting settings are overclocked (too high power/slow speed).


Did I miss something here…did you receive a pre-release?


Left is using the PG auto settings, right is using the manual override @Rita provided.

This is after removing the masking. The manual settings are fine. Although you can see the pinpricks where the scoring corners are. That’s also being tweaked.

Here’s what the masking looked like. Top is PG auto settings and bottom is the manual override version.


No the updated settings haven’t made it into the interface yet. (Use the values on the sheet provided by Rita.)

Yup. I’ve actually dialed them down a bit from her suggestions.


I’m finding that the suggested cut settings in the email are still too high. I’ve had better success keeping the speeds as suggested, but dropping the power by 10-20.


Yeah, I’ve also had to print myself up a conversion chart from inches/min to mm/sec. I’ve been using the mm/sec measure for so long it’s hardwired. Have to think what the settings should be based on my experience with other lasers and then check my chart for what that is on the inches/min scale :slight_smile:

(First World problem)


I am surprised that they are having this problem now. I wonder if some lasers are putting out more power than others. :neutral_face:


Seriously. did you get a Glowforge? I’m looking for your announcement topic. Did I miss it?


They were putting in Pro tubes in some machines. I’d expect those to be reporting back to the mothership as Basic machines so the power might be off because it’s not just top-end power that is improved in the Pro. But that’s entirely supposition on my part.

It’s just a nit in terms of using it though. Doesn’t impact me right now (if I were using PG materials exclusively maybe I’d be crankier about it but I do most of my work on standard stock).


I thought I was loosing it too.


There was an obscure reference about Orodurin previously :wink:

I’m working on a cool thing that I wanted to get done before fully outing myself :smile: And Tax Time is here so I have to be careful about disappearing into the basement for hours.


Never understood why the GlowForge is english units only, coming from the 3D printing and CNC world, I never, ever work in english units. I have no problem I guess if it’s an option, but english only is absurd… And being that it is software, this is 3 minutes work (heck the EHR software I run the dev team on has to work in english, metric and SI units - I’m waiting for the day someone requests IV drips in fractional Hogheads/hour).


That’s probably why they haven’t yet finalized the settings for the Proofgrade in the UI as well. Some machines will “burn too hot” at those settings if they have one of the juiced tubes. The only thing they have us dealing with now is the Basic Interface, not the Pro Interface.

(So if Rita sends you a sheet, use those settings, and be prepared to keep using them until later.)



For the record my car gets 0.42 hogshead/8 furlongs…


Wow…cool! I see now that I’m not the only one who missed seeing the announcement. And we’re not entirely crazy…since there was no official announcement. Yay!


Hogsheads/8 furlongs are so last year.
Better to say it does 0.0306 firkins per chain :slight_smile:John


“The metric system is a tool of the devil! My car gets 40 rods to the hogshead and that’s the way I likes it.”
-Abe Simpson, The Simpsons