1:48 scale Mirror

I’ve been playing again. 1:48 scale Venetian glass style mirror made from 1/16" plexiglas. Now in my Etsy shop.



Who doesn’t love a good miniature? Nice.


Oh, how beautiful. I wish I knew someone who was into this, so i could buy it, enjoy it for a few minutes after it arrived, then give it to them.

I just went to your Etsy shop–the pianos are brilliant.


I have been doing miniatures for 30 years.

If you ever come across a dollhouse miniature collector ——ask them if they have a Pamela Scott or Vi Haslap creation. These 2 artists created the most precious quarter scale vignettes.

Vi was known for creating miniature scenes in teacups and she was from Georgia. If you contact the Atlanta Miniature Society more than likely they will have archived pictures from their annual miniature show.

I might not have the correct spelling of Vi’s last name.


I knew both Vi and Pamela. Vi was a very good customer of mine. She always took my workshops in New Orleans at the Kidney Foundation show which was a great show until Katrina hit. In fact a lot of Vi’s vignettes probably included some of my furniture. I’ve been making and selling quarter inch scales miniatures at shows since the early 90s.


That mirror is amazing! Did you do it by 3d engraving? I would expect a Glowforge would open some amazing possibilities that way.

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Wow, the detail!!

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Just regular engraving on this for the realism. Venetian glass mirrors are made of flat pieces if glass. I have used the 3D engraving for other things such as frames.

That was what I was asking if you 3d engraved the frame?

This particular piece is not 3D engraved and is all one piece. It is only an inch tall. I have used 3D engraving on larger frames.





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WOW——-small world!!!

Just looked at your shop-- those sofas! So small! So amazing! I am incredibly impressed with the skill it takes to create such details in soooooo tiny of a scale!!