1.5 year old GF stopped cutting. Looks like a dead tube?

Boy I just have a lot of bad luck with these units. On my 7th unit and it looks like the tube died after a year and a half. I think they’re rated for 2 years at least?

Here’s a video of what the tube is doing when it attempts a cut:

I found out this morning on my first cut of the day that it cut about 2 inches successfully and then that glowing tube thing started.

I’m assuming this gets sent in for a tube replacement but just wanted to see if this is any sort of other oddity that anyone has seen.

Gotta say…it’s really hard to even see anything in your video…and I really did look. Your lid glass and the tube are incredibly dirty. Make sure you contact support by email, though…as they no longer monitor the forum.


Yeah, sorry about that. My lid is a bit filthy. About 7 seconds in you’ll see a spot in the tube glowing bright as if it’s burning a hole somewhere beneath it.

Also, thanks for the tip about contacting support by email. I didn’t know they didn’t monitor the forum anymore.

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I think that and not the tube that is the problem. It has happened a lot I think that the dust and gunk can at some point conduct electricity (especially at high voltage) and when it does it makes a mess of whatever is shorted out.

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