1/8 Acrylic

Hey everyone.

Can anyone tell me what’s a good setting to engrave about 3/4 of the way down on an 1/8" piece of Acrylic? My goal is to get the letters to stand out more.

Mark S.

I thought there was a deep engrave or 3d engrave option under proofgrade settings, but i could be mistaken. I thought they added a deep engrave for stamp making.


It only appears when thick acrylic is selected, and the difference between “SD” and “Deep” is the number of passes: 1 vs 2.


I’d start with a small test, something like a single letter, to figure out the depth. 1000/full/270 and somewhere between 2 and 4 passes probably. In theory you can go deeper in a single pass by slowing the speed down, but acrylic is so flammable, that I would feel safer doing multiple passes at a higher speed instead.


It would not be hard to measure the depth of a light standard (and double the LPI if it were to be less than half the depth you were looking for) or make several small rectangles at different speeds and LPI. Keep a sharp watch that it does not start a fire or stop the cut if way under or over expectations. If you make records of what those settings result, then you can choose the result you want from those tests.