10 Month Glowforge Pro for sale - Midvale, Utah

Selling my 10 month old Glowforge Pro for $5400. It is in great condition, lightly used, with 2 more months of warranty. Comes with over $800 worth of unused materials (a mix of proofgrade and non-proofgrade wood and acrylic), plus scrap materials, the zeiss cleaning wipes for the lenses, and a partial roll of masking. Comes with the original box for transportation. I’m willing to meet within two hours of my location in Midvale or ship if you pay shipping. I’ve never had any issues with it. I’m not sure how many hours it’s run. I’m only selling it because I don’t have time for it anymore.


Hi there, sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, but you need to drop the price at least to $5000 for a used Glowforge. The wood and stuff is great, but you get that stuff when you buy new for $6000

Good luck selling it!


I feel like my price is very reasonable for the age and condition it is in and what comes with it. I’m including over $800 of new material as well as extra stuff like masking and cleaning wipes and a new glowforge only comes with $75 which really doesn’t go far. If someone wanted to make me an offer or didn’t want the material or extras, I’d be willing to negotiate.

OK, it was just a suggestion, good luck!!!


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