1000 x 1000 xcarve for sale, south suburbs of chicago

Selling 1000 x 1000 xcarve pickup only.

Bought in Feb 2018, has dust boot, and extra bits, 1/4’’ and 1/8’’ collets.
$1400, has only about 40 hours on it


Can I ask why your selling it?:grinning:

Just got my glowforge and like it better. No use for 2 machines as I also have alot of woodworking tools that I still use. So no lose for me as I have have router tables and such…

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Haha I’ve been thinking about picking up an xcarve in addition to the GF simply because the GF can’t go through as thick of materials as the xcarve. Alas, I’m in Oregon so I can’t come pick it up… oh well. Hope you find a good buyer!

Edit, dang phone autocorrected “cant” to “can” because it didn’t have the apostrophe…


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