11 x 19.5 Actual Work Area

Continuing the discussion from Specs update:

It’d be great if the production unit I received actually had this. It would appear the current work area is actually 11 x 19.5". It’d be less misleading if you edited/updated your update to reflect what the production units actually have.

In the mean time I’m going to be recreating the fixture I just wasted 30 minutes drawing up in DraftSight, and Illustrator.

I’m not thrilled about the fact that so much of the info is spread all across the forums. Like not being able to make an open path, unless you score it. Who knew. Perhaps the GFUI processing could simply detect the open path and “automagically” set it to Score. Or that if you want to get ALL of the engrave options available to not even bother with a SVG but instead use a raster. A single PINNED document on this would be wonderful. Yes yes I know about “the Matrix” Just what I wanted to do after a 60hr work week, spend hours digging through user created walk-through content on how to do things.


to be fair, you’re continuing a conversation from 14 months ago (Nov '16). they don’t go back and edit old updates, they provide newer ones.

when you receive the email asking you if you want your GF, it says that the current work area is smaller than the full expected production area, with the expectation that it will eventually expand to the full size as software is updated.


Oh I get the whole check the forums thing. However when I use the forum search for “Work Area” it’s the TOP thing that comes up… Also it would appear that Nov. 2016 is the last time the actual work area was updated.

I just checked the email from GF about receiving delivery, and there is NOTHING about the work area being smaller.

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You clicked through it before you provided your shipping address.


it’s not in the email. it was on the web page that showed you what the features were implemented completely, which were partially implemented, and which were not implemented. at the end of that web page, you hit continue to go to the next page where you get to say whether you want to receive it now or wait.

see page 6 of this PDF (i saved that web page when i received it in November).

Glowforge Shipping Verification - Glowforge Shipping Verification.pdf (182.1 KB)

the quote from that web page:

Work Area
Ample work space to create large projects from sturdy materials.

The material rests on a 18” x 20” working bed. The printable area is 11” x 19.5”. The
maximum thickness of material with tray installed is 0.5”; the maximum thickness of
material with the tray removed is 2”. The focus range is 0.5”.

To Do:
When the laser is moving at maximum speed, it needs room to slow down near the top,
bottom, and both sides. We’ll be updating the software to compensate for that so it can
give you more working space - up to 11.5" x 20" for slow movements like cuts; less for
faster motions like engraves.


I’m glad you had the presence of mind to PDF print them off. I should have done the same.

It’d be great if the GF STAFF made a consolidated location for all these annoying little things that seem critical to know.


fwiw, what was sent to me in November would not necessarily be what was sent to someone today. as things get updated/upgraded, it would change.

that said, it would be nice to have whatever is current be located somewhere and kept up to date.


Yes. The forums are not organized well enough to be the “manual” for everyone going forward. We need something more like a wiki.


Are you more likely to read that then the detailed current status of things that you agreed to when you provided your assent to ship & your address?

I guess they should have known you wouldn’t read that one and updated a year old post instead because obviously that’s the one people would be expected to read.

Sometimes everything is not their fault.


I’m not saying it’s their fault for me not remembering. I’m saying this information needs to be centralized and easier to access.

Near as I can tell after extensive searching, that “year old post” is the last time an official update mentioned the usable work area.

And YES I am more likely to read the forums.
As I understand it, that’s where all the up to date support is located. I’m not blessed with a photographic memory, between working 60+hours a week and family I’m surprised I remember where my keys are, it’s not surprising I’ve forgotten something I read three months ago.


Sorry for the unpleasant surprise. I’ll see about finding ways to make it more obvious what the state of the world right now is.


I do agree that perhaps there should be a more centralized location for things like tutorial, material settings, beginner’s guides, workflows etc. I understand that GF doesn’t want to openly endorse non gp materials, and perhaps 3rd party software, but it would be extremely helpful. even it it would reside on a different web site.

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Here’s something many can relate to.


[raises hand]


so… I hate to be that guy, but I’m going to be…

Any idea when the 11 inches will update to 11.5 inches ? On a similar note, is there a road map with projected timelines posted somewhere?

Much to everyone’s enjoyment

…no. To both.