11th Centerpiece completed

The theme was Putt-Putt Golf. They enjoy doing this on dates.
I will be in Texas for another grandchild’s wedding so I won’t be around for a week. He only wanted 250 tokens to give out to guest.

IMG_1219 IMG_1216

Here is the zip file for anyone who can use it:Putt-Putt Golf.zip (7.6 MB)


Very nice centerpieces - and thank you for sharing the photos and files.

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That’s going to be the most incredible display of centerpieces! (And what a unique, “once in a lifetime” gift!) Fabulous ideas! :grinning:


What a great idea! The “holes” look great! The sentiment is too sweet for words.

Ha! It’s funny how that happens. When someone asks me to create something simple, I often say “dream bigger.”

Might there be little clubs and balls too? This project is too fun. Thanks for sharing.


That might be your cutest one yet! And so appropriate for the happy couple.


Amazing work! They are going to be so wowed by all your work!