12 hours to print?

I’m printing a very basic map print on proofgrade. Does this sound excessive? It took me 10 attempts to get the glowforge to actually finish calibrating. In my 4 days of having a glowforge, I’ve certainly run into a lot of hiccups and no support whatsoever from Glowforge. What a change from how accessible support was during the sales process!

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12 hours would be a long print - especially for someone new to the Glowforge. Care to share the file so someone could form a more informed reply?


Size of an engrave as well as the lines per inch, number of passes and speed you choose all factor into the time. As for the number of attempts to calibrate that could be an issue with wifi (yes even if everything else in your house is connecting perfectly). There is a learning curve but by reading this forum and doing your own searches here you will get answers to almost every conceivable question you may have. If you come across an unusually long time based on experience check over your design to insure you don’t have multiple copies overlaying each other. Also make sure you have 1 pass selected unless you intentionally want more which will add time of course.


Certain settings can result in extraordinary print times, you need to decide if it’s necessary.

A full-sheet complex deep engrave calculates to over 13hrs of print time. I have a Pro which is a little faster than the Basic or Plus.

I’ve done full sheet engraves for things like old-fashioned blueprints and ‘Da Vinci’-style artwork that took less than 2hrs.

As to support, you weren’t dealing with them. Sales makes the company money, support costs them, so guess which one is better staffed?


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