12 hr deadline!

Recieved and set up my Glowforge Pro last night. Impressed!
I have to figure out how to import/upload a logo design, engrave and cut it within a 3 inch circle TONIGHT! Anyone have any quick way to do this? Thank you.

Is the logo design simple? Just upload it into the interface. Use the premium icon tools to make a circle, there should be some measuring functions near the bottom that will allow you to resize it to 3 inches. Make that circle a cut on the left side of the screen.

Resize your logo to fit in there. Make sure it’s set to engrave and you drag that function to the top on the left side above the cut so it gets done first.


For an engrave, you can upload a jpeg if that’s what you have… then do what @CMadok said…

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Check out #1:

The good news is that it’s easy, and that nice people like @cmadok and @rvogt will always jump in to help if you need a boost at the beginning.


The problem with using all caps is that it’s hard to make it look good when you weld/union them. Here’s one that is all caps…the other all caps is one that i did an outset-‘bloating’ it to provide more substance to the cut. The other is blessed in a more script text-to me its a little easier to make it look right.

Good luck!


Sorry, posted this in the wrong thread!! :slight_smile:

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Thank you. Help much appreciated!

Thank you for the help and speedy response, I hope to help others down the road.

many thanks!

Thank you CMadok,

Is engraving depth be adjusted to be deeper? I fully intend to watch all tutorials and educated myself through the forums but I am reall pressed to come up with something tonight!
Thanks again,

I don’t know what the logo looks like or what material you are using. I would start with either Draft or Standard. Standard is already pretty deep. But if you just need something quick and there, Draft proofgrade settings are good.

Thanks again!


I think draft will be fine with that if you’re just looking for color. What material are you using? The problem with going too deep on some of these would be that your small details in the tree branches might crumble off if you are using plywood.

I am actually making a simple die that I can use in my vacuum former to make chocolate molds. Engraving has worked before with different materials and I have my fingers crossed that I can recover enough detail here for a short production run mold.

Oh, good luck! I have no experience with that…but I do like chocolate. So deeper the better for you. That would be HD or 3D. Those are out of my territory. I work in thin materials.

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