12 revolutionary features?

Which of the “12 revolutionary features” are expected to be working when Glowforge ships in December?

What is the timescale for them all to be working?


Thats a good question, I know some of the features are going to be updated after but not which ones or when. But as I have seen the answer usually is “we are working in it and when we can tell, we will” and usually they cant now for legal or copyrigth reasons.

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what would legal/copyright have to do with anything? If its a listed feature theres no reason why they cant show it to us. I would prefer they do.

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Just 100% opinion based on my readings here:

I think everything will continue to improve after shipping, this is the thing about cloud processing.

1, working at shipment
2, working at shipment
3, working at shipment
4, proof grade only, maybe never on other stuff
5, at shipping or very soon after
6, SVG and possibly more at shipping, hopefully, a file type every couple weeks after.
7, yup
8, yup, but will continue to improve
9, proof grade again, sure hope tools pop up for other materials within a quarter
10, I hope not but this is hard and I doubt it works as advertised when they ship.
11, yup
12, yup


I am really hoping the air filter works as promised. Right now I am planning for indoor use of the GF.

If it stinks up the place significantly, then its going to be a costly dud.


We plan for everything on the list will be working to some extent, then we’ll make continuous improvements as we ship and after.