12" x 20" Sheets of Wood and Acrylic

I get mine locally from Home Depot, Lowes, Menard’s and other lumber yards area the area. Menards has Birch in various sizes from 1x2 to 12 x12 and it works really good.

HD definitely has 1/4 plywood. They also have some other thin hardwoods but most of their supplies are warped and I’m not the wood whisperer enough to use those.


I’m surprised to hear this - I use a great deal of our hardwoods (as you’d imagine) and it’s a lot better than I get from the local hardwood store. Some of that may have to do with your local climate - warp can happen when you ship wood across different temperatures and humidities, and it can take a while to relax and adjust (like all of us after travel).

He was referring to Home Depot hardwoods, not PG. :slight_smile:


Agree some at HD are warped but I spend a good amount of time going through them to get the best I can. Then when I get home I start the process to flatten them out. @geek2nurse @dan I have received some badly warped PG Poplar that just could not be used. I tried to flatten them but the warp was so bad I could get all out.

Yes was referring to Home Depot. [quote=“geek2nurse, post:24, topic:37209”]
referring to Home Depot

That’s what I need to learn how to do.

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