14 Mil Stencil Success

After lots of test cuts, SUCCESS!

I was getting a ton of smoke and corners that were not as sharp as I’d like.
I cut this 14 mil stencil material at 160 speed/20 power.

So much lower than I thought, but hardly any noticeable smoke.
I placed a sheet of paper underneath and it worked perfectly to remove most of the cutouts. Only had a couple of tiny bits to poke out

160 Speed
20 Power
.09 focal and material height


Looks great! :grinning:


Your last post was over 3 years ago. Welcome back. Thanks for the stencil settings and all of your tests that led to this result.


Yes indeed, welcome back! I had purchased some stencil material last year. Just haven’t needed anything … Because I didn’t have time to make cards.

Now, I want one for sun rays … I’ll have to get on it!

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