18 Note music boxes for sale - bulk

I am selling my 18 note musical movements. I have 115, all are new, never used. 95+ were purchased new from Sankyo and Yunsheng. They come with hardware (3 screws and a key). Wide variety of tunes are included. Disney tunes, show and classic tunes as well as pop 40/rock classics over the years. I can provide a full list. $1000 for all, free shipping within the continental US. I also have a few 30 note movements as well as some 72 note movements. sje7120@gmail.com if interested.

This isn’t the forum to be selling these at, but if you have pictures to show how you have used these in prior Glowforge projects, that would be awesome!


Everything Else is the perfect category for something like this. Selling bulk is weird but maybe somebody wants to make 100+ music boxes.


Thank you. I use the glowforge to put my logo on CNC carved music boxes. Unfortunately I have sold only a few and am moving on. Thought someone might want to put them in GF inspired box



Wooh! 72 note ones! What songs are on that! Please say The Godfather!

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Sorry, the two 72 Notes that I have are:

March of the Toy Soldiers/Waltz of the Flowers/Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
The Magic Flute/ Eine Kleine Nachtmusik/ Turkischer March

Each cylinder contains 3 tunes and plays for about 6+ minutes.



It’s borderline at best to me.

Maybe someone wants to buy my broken laser printer that only prints the color dark green, or my timeshare downwind from a landfill in rural Oklahoma, or my 1996 Pontiac that only smells a little like raccoons. That doesn’t mean it belongs here.

Obviously I’m giving ridiculous examples but my point is that there’s a line somewhere and to me it’s best not to entertain looking for it with more and more ads. There are plenty of places online to sell your unwanted stuff, this place is an “island on the internet” and I’d like it to stay that way.

(Apologies to Oklahoma. No apologies to janky old printers.)


Pontiac, they build excitement.
My grandfather was a Pontiac mechanic, then salesman.

I bet it was fun trying to sell the Aztec…


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