18x18 Windmill Signs on a Glowforge Basic

My recent designs feature a number of Windmill signs that can be made in a number of orientations. Included is a standard version (10.5"x 10.5") and an oversized version (18"x18") that can be made as single or double layer design with a choice to add a backing. The large 18"x18" sign can be produced using a kerfed snap design on a small laser bed like a Glowforge Basic. Also included is a version of the sign that comes with a built in stand and base that gives the full Windmill look. These samples were all made using pure bond maple and some painted mdf for the backers.

Watch the assembly video here: Homestyle Windmill Signage - YouTube
For more info on how I made them feel free to join my Glowforge FB Community


Nice alignment on MIKE & BARBARA. I assume you used the cut material as an alignment jig as you fix them in place?


Thanks. Yes just reinserted the off cut. I think thats in the video link I posted above.


Ah reading is hard, I didn’t even see the mention of the video, lol! I just saw pictures and ran with it. Doh.


These look so nice!


I haven’t seen the video yet, but thanks for posting it; I’m going to do some “oversize” work and this will help a lot.

Nice design!