1st Convention booth

So I know I’m mostly a lurker but I got approved for my first convention booth about 2 months ago and since then have been busily making products. Now this weekend I’m running my booth. Everything in it is made on a glowforge.


That’s cool! :sunglasses:


Very Nice, I never done one of those before. What did you have to do to get a booth? Seems fun. Also do you have a page of some kind to so off your different designs? I’d love to see them if you do.


Great work, love the mixed media and your Logo is fantastic!

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Some wonderful work! Congrats on your first booth.

Good stuff. Those dice towers look crazy!

And sorry, my neurosis requires that I point out the misspelling of accessories.


The booth looks great! Best of luck with the sales.

I don’t know what half of this stuff is for but It’s great craftsmanship. You ought to showcase each one here. That castle tower (I actually know what that one is for) is incredible! I really want to know more about the leather too.
Let us know what you learned on the business side of this experience and good luck!

Oooh, I’d definitely like to see a post showing off the Tak sets :slight_smile:

Sweet booth setup! It sounds like I’m not the only one looking for close-ups :slight_smile:

Sorry it took me a couple of days to get back to you all. Convention recovery is a bit taxing. @wenning08 Getting a booth is not that hard, most conventions you have to do a few months to half a year in advance though. Just check the convention site for a vendor area or artist area and email the coordinator. @n_dawson Yeah somehow i did not catch it, got to order a new one. @Brandon_R I have showcased most of the products here at different times like the deck boxes for 40 k deck boxs or my Tak boards . The others are just acrylic gaming tiles in 1 inch grid and hex (for Starfinder), some small war game rulers, and my two designs of dice towers. All the price placards were made as well on draftboard. The drawing box was made as well (but the pattern needs a bit of work) . @dan when can we start selling patterns on the catalog? I have some more patterns I’m working on including a double helix dice tower, a pachinko style DM screen tower, and a smaller version. Designing in Fusion 360 and Illustrator of course. Here are some pictures of the Sci-Fi Dice tower I just listed on my Etsy shop:

I like designing gaming accessories and hobby aids. Hopefully I will get my site up better but my site is here currently. Contact me if you want to work on something.


Here is the new tiny tower: