1st Run on Canvas and Portrait

So trying something a bit more complex (for me). As you can see where I started and where I am now is good progress and I think with some additional tweeking I should be able to run a full scale portrait with good details.


That is coming along nicely! What software are you using to tweek the graphic?

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Definite improvement in quality. Great job!

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Gimp really, the import to Inkscape is to get it ready for pew pew time.
I did come across imag-r.com which is suppose to take a lot of the guess work out of the equation however the files take too long for GW to process (svg) that it times out.

Figure I could save it as something else import in to Inkscape then back out and give it a try to see how the ‘auto’ process works next.

Today going to attempt a final run…going to slow the laser down a bit and bump up the pew powa to see how it comes out.

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Final tweek, overall quite happy with it, considerable more detail present which should make a larger scale burn better.

Bumped the power up to 50 (from 40) but kept the speed at 1000…run time 10mins


I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product. I would never have thought of this!

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I am curious as well how good a full size image will turn out…will have to pick up some more ‘pawns’ for the experiment.

So not quite the final product, but had my niece over and wanted to try a different canvas and apply what I had learnt to see if it was still relatively consistent.

So threw this pencil case in and did the workflow…pew pew minutes later.

Still can’t say I am totally satisfied, but I did realize that the material did not work the same way my frame did. Likely cause the frame may have been pre-painted which added to the contract of the burn.

This pouch seems to be pretty bare bones canvas so results will need to be tweaked accordingly…in any event she was thrilled so mission accomplished


What settings did you use? Did you use vary power option?

On the pencil case, used1000/50 with 225 lpi, and no did not use varying power.
On the canvas it was mostly working with the file to get the differences though 1st couple of runs were on 1000/40