2.5 D engrave

First attempt at what glowforge calls 3D but clearly is 2.5D
. Im rather impressed with the depth of burn is in a piece of Tulip poplar and a piece of soft maple is . these are single pass 3D engraves at aprox 5 inch square and only had a run time of 45 min to 1 hr .


Wow! NIcely done! Can you show the original? Was it a grayscale or depth map? ANy cleaning needed?


Those are the best 3D engraves I’ve ever seen on the forum! A most impressive result. If you have any hints or tips to offer, I’m all ears.


Those are fabulous! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes::
They would look great as box tops as well :heart_eyes:




all tips are gratefully accepted…

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Excellent results for single pass! (And I’m going to have to try some of that poplar, it really does dig down.) :sunglasses: :+1:

Try multiple passes if you want to go full 3D, but that result is gorgeous just the way it is!


Excellent work! :star_struck: Especially the cleaning.

Technically, I think since there is a dimension beyond X & Y, it qualifies, but I understand your view since it can’t be rotated to see the back.
However, I wouldn’t have any qualm calling it “3 D”. They look great!


Greyscale can send original when I get home

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Truly impressive.not sure what the calipers are about.

calipers showing max depth

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I didnt do any altering of the art , Just converted to PNG and ran a test run to see what I had as a starting point and apparently there is none needed , at least on these 2.

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These were the test designs


Little post processing , use a toothbrush and water to clean first then lightly sand high areas with 600 grit sandpaper


That is what Variable speed is for. The best software to do it from scratch is Art-Cam but it is hard to get, expensive and I hear now is dead, Regular 3d programs like Blender or Maya are capable but the result needs to be that black to white elevation maps like those.

These aren’t elevation maps, they are 3/4-ish lit white models.

The png is is the white to black elevation maps made for such engraving.


These are amazing beyond words.

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Very nicely done.

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