2 brand new GF and still having trouble

I got my first GF Pro almost 2 weeks ago. I never got to use it, as it had a faulty print button. They sent me another one. It got here yesterday. I got it set up and made my 1st print today. It cut beautiful. I tried to make my 2nd print, and the laser isnt firing. Ive tried logging out, unplugging it and letting it sit. Ive checked and its on “full power”. It moves like its working, but no laser. Im at a loss, and my anxiety is through the roof with this thing. Any ideas?

As you’re under warranty I hope you’ve also reached out to actual support! This bites though. Hopefully it’s something simple

In the meantime, can you post a screenshot of your GFUI here as it looks when you’re running a print of the Gift of Good Measure. Everything from the name of the laser on the right to the material & commands on the left?

That’ll help us troubleshoot!


Welcome to the community. Couple of things to check out…one, make sure you don’t have your design doubled up…a duplicate on top of another one. Two…double check your power once again…make sure it didn’t default to ‘1’.


I suggest putting a piece of typing paper into your Gloworge - much cheaper than hardwood. Then draw a simple circle or square using the shape tool. Choose 20# paper for the material and cut for the process. Hit print. What happens?


Maybe I’m missing something…but isn’t the GOGM not within the bounds? Why isn’t it shown on the material on the bed?


So, now its cutting, just not cutting all the way through. Im using proofgrade medium plywood.

The material in your picture is hardwood.


Sorry, i misspoke. The GF automatically scanned and picked the correct settings

How close to cutting through is it? Can you share a photo of the back of the material where it didn’t cut through?


When the material is set hit the three dots pulldown and select Set Focus. This will measure the actual height of the material which may be different than the measured thickness.

Running the callibration as a first thing is a good idea in any case and it will help accurately place designs in the future.

Or the video…

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I note in your picture above that the first settings shows numbers rather than words - which means you’ve gotten out of the Proofgrade settings. Click into it and then click the back arrow within the same box to get back to :proofgrade:. The rest are showing words, so if it’s any of those steps that aren’t working you should reach out to support with photos of the front and back of your Gift of Good Measure, and the date/time you ran the job. They can credit you for the cost of the PG, and hopefully see exactly what the problem is!


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