2 Days and ma Glowforge is dead


My glowforge broke last Sunday after using it for 2 days.

Could not turn it on. Nothing is happening.

It’s been a week since I contacted customer service and since I don’t live in the United States, I need to ship the Glowforge back in order to get a replacement.

I find that very discriminating knowing that the people of the United States are lucky enough to be able to get a new machine without even waiting to receive a replacement …

Finally I can not change their operation …

However, I looked at the device tonight and found that the plug was not straight so I would like to know if the failure could be from this ?

Was anybody able to get this part and could see their device working again ?

I had projects with this device and I am really disappointed.

Those 4 pins are to connect with the carriage plate. They do not matter until it is time to print. Are you about to print and the machine spins up and then the button turns orange and gives an assist fan error?

someone who intentionally prevented those connections to see how far until my glowforge cared :slight_smile:


P.S. those pins don’t look bad at all :slight_smile:

If you can not turn it on at all, then it is nothing to do with the print head. You can turn on the machine without the print head and the inline fan will start and then the button will turn orange.

I am curious, are you using an air filter or a window vent?

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Oh ok I understand
Thank you
I do not use an air filter, a window vent.

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Okay, what do you use when you power off the glowforge? a blast gate? or do you leave it connected?

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Often this is because no power is reaching the Glowforge. If you can test the outlet with something like a space heater that draws a lot of power that would be a first step. Also the power cord is standard so if you have another the same or plug something else with that power cord. At least that would eliminate two easy to fix possibilities.

Where do you live? I believe they have a satellite setup in England.


My name is Mercedes and I’m part of the Technical team here at Glowforge.

The picture you sent is of the printer head connection to the Air Assist Fan. And it is perfectly normal to look like that. As long as the pins are not stuck or bent then it’s fine.

I notice we have already gotten you a replacement machine via email. I’m going to go ahead and close this forum post now. If you have any other questions or need help with anything else feel free to send a message our way by either creating an email ticket or a new forum post!