2" edge loss on materials

Newby here. I left justify everything and that could be my problem.

I load a design to print, put it along the left edge facing me, and I’m seeing the design as I think it should cut. Then once it’s done, I’m noticing a two inch adjustment of the design after printing. It’s like a 2 inch strip of product I lose on every cut.

Should I be right justifying it all? Or watching YouTube videos? Or? Or?

Help please. Thank you.

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Right – the GF cannot cut to the full size of a sheet of Proofgrade (12 x 20 inches). According to the latest info on the Tech Specs page, the maximum cutting area is “approximately 11″ (279 mm) deep and 19.5″ (495 mm) wide.”

Visualizing exactly where this “bounding box” is on a piece of material can be challenging, even with the GF’s camera system, so I created a file that contains a rectangle 278 mm X 494mm. Here’s a copy for you:

GF Bounding Box.zip (548 Bytes)

  1. Create a new design in the app and add this file to it. Do not move the file once loaded.
  2. Place a full sheet of Draftboard (or any other PG) on the bed of your GF. Make sure you still have the masking attached!
  3. Set the file to Score, with manual settings of speed 500 and power 10.
  4. Print.

These settings will mark the masking paper without cutting into your material, illustrating exactly where the cutting bounds are on your GF’s bed.

Hope this helps!


This is fabulous! Thank you so much! I appreciate the help and the file. It will make life a bit easier in using and getting to know the beast of a printer!


I added this to many, many files when I was building up my skills. Goofy, but it works. :wink:


In order to get full use of the material I cut a full sheet down to accommodate my design, this is one full sheet 12 x 20. Two operations, but I get all of it.


I bought a file which has one piece that is 10.9" square. I can’t cut it on my GF Basic.

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I don’t know… seems like you have a fiber or two you could have worked with there. :slight_smile:


I created a box in the screen view and extended it to maximum capacity. It measures 19.116" x 10.676".

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Move your box around a bit. You should be able to cut 10.9"

I realize I should be able to get at least 11". I have manipulated the square every which way and can’t make it happen. I got it once then when I clicked print, it refocused and was not within the lines.

The bounds of my machine that cuts fine. I have a file with box similar to that shared above:

You can not get 11" vertically.

“Refocus” has nothing to do with material placement within the boundaries. It only affects the camera view.

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Try downloading the bounding box file above and dragging it onto your bed. Then resize to 10.9" square.

Does your design contain engraves? The available space for engraves is usually less.

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Hi Ekla
There are some minimal engraves well within the outer cut boundary. Others have posted about the same issue with this file.

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The engraves restriction has nothing to do with the outer cut boundary. The head motion for engraving is very different than for cutting and has different limitations - specifically tied to the speed of the engrave.

An easy way to tell is to set any engrave steps to “ignore” and see if the project processes successfully.


I don’t understand the relevance of the bounding box. I can create a box while in GF or I can upload the file I am trying to print and no matter which way I put it, 10.9" is too big. I don’t see how putting another box makes any difference.

Please see @dwardio’s post above. If it isn’t helpful I am sorry, but it is a “tried and true” file that will cut and is 10.9" tall.

Perhaps more importantly, it will automatically load in the correct position to print. Moving it even a tiny bit in any direction will cause it to not print, as it will then be out of bounds.

I just don’t understand. Also, are you saying to add it to a file I am anticipating uploading, or save it separately and upload it to GF?

Save it separately. It will show you absolutely where your print boundries are. You can also upload it, then adjust to 10.9" square which is where this all started.