2 month old Glowforge Plus stopped working. Solid yellow light with no response

I have a 2 month old Glowforge Plus with minimal usuage that stopped working. For the last few weeks, every now and then a yellow flahing light would interrupt the cut. I would reset the machine and it would work fine. Yesterday, the machine started acting up. It would engrave the cut but not perform a solid cut through the leather. I have cleaned every head, checked for burns, connections, ect. Nothing is wrong with the machine that I can visibly see. Now I have a solid yellow light with no response. Every time I try to restart the machine, It immediately goes under the camera and the yellow light turns solid.

I need help asap. I just started this business and have tons of orders to fulfill.


Welcome to the community. Sorry to hear about your problems. Were you by chance able to print the Gift of Good Measure file before your machine stopped working? That’s the file that support uses to obtain logs with which they can diagnose issues. Support no longer monitors this forum, so it would be best for you to contact them at support@glowforge.com. They will walk you through some troubleshooting. In the meantime, there may be some other owners who can give you some things to look at and to try while you’re waiting for support. The good news is, you’re still under warranty. Best of luck to you.


I dont believe that was cut. I dont recall seeing that in my setup instructions. I appareciate your response. I sent them an email yesterday, but was hoping for a quicker solution here. :slight_smile:

The yellow light is usually terminal if all connections are good, and the machine will likely need to be replaced. Support will review the logs to confirm but it may take several business days.

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