2 months of fun!

This is going to be a bit of a fanboy rant so hold on…

First off I never even knew I needed a laser cutter until I saw it on the Glowforge site a few years ago and had no desire to purchase the industry norm machines. Now I use it almost every day…literally.

I had a pretty cool experience with it today as I am cutting a larger project and needed to do it in 4 parts as the image it too complex to cut all at once. With the job set up I can remotely prepare the next part of my project and have my wife hit the button at home when I am ready for the next part. Perfect as the job in total is a 6hr job and I can have it done by the time I get home tonight. Better yet I can keep an eye on it from the camera while I am working…awesome!!!


So what do I do with it?

I have three kids and we have made several school projects as well as things like valentines and birthday cards.


That said most of the time its in use for a small business my wife and I started (geekmadedesigns.com) the end of last year. We make wood products for geeks (gaming controller holders & Apple TV remote holders) and use it to etch gamer tags and logos into our products as a custom option. Every product we sell has our logo “lasered” in the bottom with our web address.


We love our Glowforge and the things it lets us do. Between our Glowgorge, mill and 3D printer, our kids regularly want to do a project with us. You know what they say, the family that makes together stays together :slight_smile:




Looks like you’re really enjoying your Glowforge! Nice projects!

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Awesome uses! :grinning:

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