2 Unauthorized FLEX


How do I delete Victor D and Jim L from my forge access?

Can someone take care of it or tell me how , kthx! :smiley:


Geez. Not the first time this has been reported this week. The FLEX team may need a coffee break…


Could be a software glitch.


Man… Another one of these?!
SOP’s, people! Make 'em! Follow 'em!
Such a bummer and a time-waster for multiple people when the simplest things aren’t done right.


I’m more curious as to what Victor and Jim will surprise laser. I’d want to leave some draftboard in the machine on the chance that Vic wants to send a picture-gram of a cat chasing bubbles or something.

Are pen pals still a thing? This could be the next step.


I was like Are they doing science to see if my forge is up and running through that, see if it was active or would it tell them something went wrong?

Whatever the case, I don’t like strangers with access to our stuff.
pretend another hacker meme is here because I am at work and am away from my memes


If you go to the user tab and click on there name, I believe you can then remove there access, just click save. I haven’t done this yet, so I can’t say for certain.


COOL! Will try it as soon as I get home and update.


I’m so sorry about that. I’ve removed them for you.

Happy printing!

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