2 users have access.. but no other users but me have access


I’m seeing a weird discrepancy in the UI between the Glowforge Printers settings:

2 users have access (owned by Christopher M)

and the Users page, which is empty:

There are no other users on your machine

I’m not sure how these can both be true at the same time.

I might have caused this during setup when I “invited” myself because I didn’t understand the question.

3 users have access.. but only 2 users exist

there’s probably a difference between “have access” and “on”.

i.e., if the other user(s) have access, but aren’t connected, they won’t show as “on.”


Think, it’s normal. My PRU says the same thing and I have only set it up one time. Maybe the other user was for factory cal.


If that’s it, it feels a bit creepy that someone else has access behind the scenes but doesn’t show up in the user list. I’ll continue believing it’s a database glitch. :slight_smile:


Mine has a user from Flex named Vanessa. I believe this was part of their check out process. :grinning:


Spent my entire career working in the “Black Helicopter”, “Surveillance Drone”, network exploitation fields. (Some others). This type of thing is pretty low on my paranoid list.


Thanks for letting us know @chris1, we’re looking into it!


Mine just says 1 user.


Mine says 2, myself and my daughter whom I added at setup.


And now you have to kill us all for telling us that.


They wiped my memory when I retired earlier this year. If it had not been for email notifications I would not have known about the Glowforge order.


What about the 50 bucks you owe me from that time we made that bet?


Thought you lost.

Memory wipe, not Lobotomy.


We’ve removed Vanessa from your Glowforge.

The Users page should now appear as expected. I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and open a new ticket with Problems & Support. Thanks for letting us know about this!