2 Weeks in


Here are a couple of things I made during week 2 of my GF ownership.
A bowl to hold the bottle tops that always seem to get left on the counter.
Alos discovered the perfect tool to remove the paper.
It is a straight pin used for quilting.
A tissue box holder.



Oh, the bottle cap holder is aces! Great idea! (And i might have to build something similar to corral the strays that hubs leaves behind after his nightly brewskis.) :smile:


That’s a cute bunch of suds immortalized in wood!


Nice first projects! Love the box!


The relief on the trees for the bark! Perfect!


Great first projects!


I’m really digging the cap holder, especially the colors and shapes you used. Looks like you’ve kept busy these past two weeks!


Very nice! Really like the tissue box, really elevates the Kleenex!