$20/mo. of delay credit details?


Several times now @Dan has posted in other threads that the right place to ask about this is in problems & support. As near as I can tell no one has done so, which I find hard to believe.

Can someone point me to the answer, or post a sticky thread with the details, or address the question in response to @Dan’s posts in other threads?

The question has come up repeatedly that the start date for when the $20/mo starts is vague and slippery. Please clarify this policy in concrete terms so we can have some idea how much we are talking about here. There have been many delays, and it is unclear which delivery date is being referenced as a starting point. Some people have been waiting for multiple years. Is the start date back in 2015? Is it the date on the web page now? Is it the November 2017 that was recently being promised?

I expect that different order dates will have different start dates for this policy, but somewhere there must be a bracketed range, orders before this date were promised this date so they start the delay clock on xx/xx/xxxx date. Orders between date x and date y start effective on xx/xx/xxxx date, etc. Please share this information. @Dan has said this is where to ask in order to get specific terms.

I’m asking.


Here’s a link from April 2016 where Dan talks about the promised shipping dates being Dec '16 or March '17.

Here’s the December 16 post announcing the delays and offering the $20 a month incentive. So based on the below info, the $20 starts at either Dec 16 or March 17 depending on when you ordered. I haven’t done the math so take it with a grain of salt, but I saw on another post it’s either $120 or $180 at this point.

“Finally, you’ve waited a long time for your Glowforge, and we told you it was going to arrive on schedule. Since it won’t, we’re going to issue you a gift certificate good for either Proofgrade materials or designs in the store. The gift certificate will increase $20 for each month you have to wait past your scheduled delivery of either December or March.”


I think what we need to know is, how much we will get in credit if we get the email today, and what day the month turns over, so we know when the next $20 would be applied each month if we fail to receive our email.

For example, “As of today your Proofgrade credit is $180. You will accrue an Additional $20 you don’t receive your email before 12AM PST on the 27th of each month until you receive your “Shipping” email.”


It’s for full months - click through for more context, and discussion of this issue:


I received my email Aug 2 and received a $140 credit. I believe dan said end of month. If anyone receives an email on the 1st their time, but was sent on the last day of the month Seattle time, I suspect Seattle time wins.


So, your case leads me to believe that it is counted since December 2016.


Cheat Sheet.

Edit: The After Pre-Order column was wrong. Fixed now.

Edit 2: The value listed is if you get your email in that month. For example, anyone who receives their email in November would receive either $200 or $140 worth of credit.

Edit 3: there, their, they’re


Edit 4: Adding additional rows based on @Rita’s statement below.

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Discussion of the April '18 update

Thanks for the table!

I assume that the value listed is if you get the email in that month?


Yes. I should probably put that in the post.


And of course if someone didn’t order until after March 2017 then these numbers do not apply. Can’t order in July and expect credit for back in March. Don’t think anything has been said about later orders.


Exactly what I was looking for, thanks!

Is this official or conjecture?


Its not official, because its not from Glowforge.

It matches how much I got and how much other people have stated that they got. So I think it’s correct.


Official? No. Correct? Yes, as far as I can tell.


so, the real question for me is… how much PG will $200 get me?


Depends on what you order. Some sheets $4 some $20.


Not as much as you’ll want.


That’s true, I spent my credit in a blink and now I want more, more, moree!! Muahahahahaha!!! (Sorry wallet)


I have all of my music and movies sleeved and in these CD boxes:


I have 12 boxes between CDs and DVD/Blu-Rays. I said “I don’t really like these boxes, maybe I’ll make new ones with the Glowforge.”

Then I said “Nope. That would be a LOT of Proofgrade!”


Can you make Edit #3 to turn “there” into “their”? :slight_smile:


Dang it! I usually catch those! Words are hard.

Fixed. Thanks! :grin: