2000 PC order! Whats going to wear out first?

So this will be my biggest order to date:
2000 pc of acrylic parts 1/2 inch .

Saving grace is the Microbot PUSH app on my Iphone.

If only the the PRINT SCAN would happen after I close the LID, how nice that would be.

Whats going to wear out first, the BELT _ THE LASER _ THE LID or something else I am not aware of. ???

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Why would any of them wear out for the order?

Keep clean optics and it’ll be fine.

Sounds like it might take a while though with 1/2" stock.


Yeah that is why I was concerned because that is 2000 pc but we are talking about many passes 6 to 8 even. So trying to get ahead of this with parts if needed.

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How long is the job run time / per sheet?

I struggle with the fact that it’s going to take quite a while with a 40/45w laser and don’t see how that time could be passed on in the quote for it to make financial sense. I’d personally look at outsourcing the job to a shop with greater cutting capabilities that could do the job much faster. It would eat into your end margin, but you wouldn’t have the time sink…


We are not there yet, still running the first sheet . How many licks to get to the center of the tootsie pop ?


Is this something that could be outsourced to https://www.ponoko.com/

What’s going to wear out? Your patience.


I agree, that’s alot for a hobby machine and a one person business. I never tried Pokono but heard good things


sanity might give patience a run for its money.