2017 MacBook Pro 15" Template

I used this template to create a :proofgrade: veneer cover for my 2017 15" MacBook Pro.
15_macbookpro.pdf (5.6 KB)



Nice image but I only see blank rectangle on PDF

Looks beautiful!

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Gorgeous! What type of veneer? Not the species but the adhesive type, and from where?


That’s the template with filleted corners sized to the top of the MacBook Pro.

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Sorry I was expecting the graphic

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Thank you! I used Glowforge Proofgrade Walnut veneer.

It was a little tricky lining up the veneer with the MacBook lid, but I was able to successfully guide it on by holding the veneer in both hands and using my thumbs to feel for the edges of the veneer and the MacBook lid at the same time.

The graphic is a drawing by Ernst Haeckel. Here you go!

I also engraved this on my Kindle 2:


What settings did you use on the Kindle? it looks amazing

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I wish that I could recall the settings that were used. Unfortunately, I’ve used the same image via the app with different proofgrade materials and my settings were automatically overridden. I may have gone for full speed, 60% power, and 240 lines/inch - but this may not be accurate.

I have a wood veneer skin on my laptop as well. It came with the laptop I bought used. Mine has a couple of small cut notches on each corner to help with the curve of the edges. Did you have an issue with applying your skin around the corners and getting it to lay flat?

Will this stay on or will the adhesive wear off?

I’ll let you know over time. So far, so good!

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Mind me asking what adhesive you used? Is it removable?
Its amazing by the way!

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It’s proofgrade veneer. So there’s an adhesive back already installed. Just peel and stick.


Thanks! @stupidindenver is correct. The proofgrade veneer has a strong 3M adhesive on the back. Seems to be solidly attached for now. :crossed_fingers:

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Oh! I knew they were going to offer that eventually, but didn’t realize it had already been implemented.

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