2018 Nerd-off

Do I hear the Scotsman in the background?

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You can really create a nerd short circuit that way! Maybe toss Wolverine into the story while you are at it?

3mm B.B. ply

Try the normal medium acrylic settings. I think I normally cut my 1/8 inch using 175 speed and Full power.

(I’ve never had to change my normal acrylic settings to use the glitter stock.)


Excited at how well this is turning out. But who’s that handsome guy??


Pretty lame compared to everyone else here, but this was my first burn after the Glowforge ruler.


Great !
I’m going to have to do a full moon over mine with hare looking up.
I see it clearly, but frustratingly having to wait.
John :upside_down_face:

Not lame at all! It’s always fun to see all the different personalities translated by the Glowforge. You are on your way!

“But then I remind myself, ‘You can’t eat cats, Kevin… Kevin, you can’t eat them.’”



I love seeing how people are expressing their personal taste in these accoutrements. Thanks for sharing!

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My escutcheon… for the appropriately name “Geordi” my Forge. (And yes, I know I’m mixing Enterprise versions…)

Yes, I already posted this earlier this year in a different thread, but I had to throw it in this nerd-off. :slight_smile:


You’re missing a letter.

A place I worked at in the 1990s had their servers named after Star Trek hull numbers. Where I work now the printers were named after Canadian provinces, but that guy left. After a short stint of Egyptian gods and goddesses naming the printers are just model numbers or boringly descriptive.

The image I found on the web was a “re-imagined” Enterprise, without the letter, so I just went with it.

On the topic of naming servers, my servers at home (yes, that’s a sad / happy geeky statement) are named after Battlestars, with a little bit of variation. I’ve got a Galactica, a Pegasus, and one or two other virtual servers that get spun up only rarely.

Gotta love the geekiness here!