2020 Ornament

So, this is my first time sharing a design I made. Hopefully I did it right. If I need to upload it differently, please help a girl out. Also, I think it is pretty huge, obviously you might need to shrink it down.

2020 ornament

Please no commercial use. Private, personal use only.


Although a tiny “dot” in your post, this is what I see when I download it. Looking good! :sunglasses:



Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for the design. Hopefully this will also be our last pandemic!

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Here I cleaned it up to see if uploads better:
2020 ornament


A quick tip for posting files like that:
Go back and edit the image size in the post and add a zero or two to both numbers.


LOL, that’s fabulous :slight_smile:

FYI, all designs in Free Laser Designs are for private use only. You can allow people commercial use, but by posting here they don’t get it (doesn’t stop thieves, sadly)


Just love it. But I like the darker side of humor.


Yeah there is always a darker side.
I lived past one in 1958 (H2N2), 1968 (H3N2), 1981 (HIV/AIDS), 2009 (H1N1), and 2002 (SARS).
Details are skimpy, but the only real response that I remember involving everyone was the 1958 one. Several of my family helped by going to the armory and picking up food boxes to deliver around the neighborhood to the family of those stricken who were in quarantine. As kids, we thought it was all an exciting adventure, driving around in the pickup bed and running packages to the porch, but I imagine our parents thought otherwise.
(side note: there were also a lot of quarantines for scarlet fever around that same period with huge yellow signs on the affected houses and a lot of noses were held so we would gulp a spoonful of quinine - no idea if that helped but I am still here, so).

Regardless @jodiwynnturner , looks swell. May make some just for the memory.


Very cute! Someone needs to start a topic of just pandemic ornaments. There have already been a few posted.

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This is very cute! Thanks for the share!

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That’s great! Thank you for sharing!

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Thank you for sharing!

How are you downloading the file? I don’t see the link to download.

Thank you. Very nice of you.

It’s a tiny little dot - but it’s there! Right click and hit “Save image as…”. It doesn’t work in IE or Edge, you need to use Chrome, or Firefox, or Safari (there are a few others)


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Thank you kindly for the file.

Thank you!

Thank you so much for sharing this will be my very first attempt to use my new GF.

Your first attempts should be the tutorials that the setup software will direct you to when completed.