2020 Ornaments

I made a couple ornaments this year inspired by great projects posted by other members of the Glowforge community. I really liked this three layer ornament from Halloween, so I adapted the idea for winter:

Two layers of 1/8 baltic birch, and the middle is 1/16 acrylic from estreetplastics. If you look really closely the snowman has a mask (and some of the “snowflakes” are actually CoV-2!). I didn’t use glue, they are joined with snapping pegs that go through the three layers. Colored with stain & marker.

These state outlines were also inspired by similar ornaments I saw here, although I can’t find the post at the moment:

The last one isn’t an ornament - it’s a small hinged box adapted from boxes.py for a kikkerland music box.


Those are lovely! The state ones really caught my eye - but all the tiny details in the layered snlowglobes really take them to the next level (heh, punny)

Love what you did with your ornaments. The snapping pegs are intriguing!

Oh, those ornaments are really fine.

If you are interested in the pegs, I included a sample in last year’s ornament. I had to adjust the length/width a bit for this design since it was thinner, but the idea is the same.

If the design can tolerate them, I like them much more than glue. They make alignment a snap (ha!), and fixed the issues I’ve had in previous years with the layers coming apart.

Or maybe I’m just bad at gluing, who knows.

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Thanks! I’m bad at gluing too… I see I liked the look of them last year too. I really have to use them at least once, and then I know I’ll use them more. :wink:

Can anyone direct me to some instructions on how to cut a partial circle or cut out the “middle” of these designs?

Welcome to the forum.

It appears that the middle is a separate file cut from 1/16" acrylic sandwiched in between two layers of wood.


I agree. But do you know how they created the design to be cut out along with a partial circle (like, the first layer)?

Which drawing software are you using?

There are multiple ways to create/draw an SVG that is used to cut on the :glowforge:

If you are familiar with one, some here can probably help you with that specific one. If you don’t currently use software to create SVGs, Inkscape is free and widely used.

EDIT: Not sure if this is what you are looking for or not, but I was thinking something like this:
drawing a partial circle


If you have the premium subscription, you can simply hit the add image and type in half circle. If you don’t have premium, the instructions above from @bill.m.davis should help.


Thank you! I will check out Inkscape.

I do have premium. But I was looking to outline a specific design and combine it with a partial circle to be cut out. Thank you!