2022 (formerly 2019) Calendar Cards

Not sure if this works any better. I have no experience with Microsoft Edge or Explorer. If the link below doesn’t allow you to save as web page. The only answer I found on google was to use the Edge option to open the page in IE and right click and save as.

Thanks a bunch!

what settings did you use?

You should be able to find some settings suggestions over in Beyond the Manual. That’s the only part of the forum where non-PG settings can be discussed. :slight_smile:

Since 2020 didn’t count and 2021 was a bit of a blur. Here is a 2022 version.
I wasn’t able to find the original and recreated it using cuttle.

Calendar Cards - 2020 Layout


nice, thanks for sharing…


Thanks. Here’s hoping 2022 is a banner year for everyone.


Thank you for sharing. This is a well-designed layout. I’ll see what I can do to gild the lily.