24" wide board maximizing cuts width

I have 24" wide boards that I plan on only doing cuts on. What is the best cut length to get the most use?

I’m afraid I don’t understand the question.

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Sorry, I want to cut the 24 inch board into two pieces and get the most use from both knowing I will only be doing cuts

For example 20" and 4"

I don’t think there’s a single correct answer.

Where you’d cut the board would depend entirely on what it is you’re going to be making on the laser. If you were to cut it in half, and have two 12" pieces, then you’d never be able to cut out a 19" wide piece, for example.


So I guess what I am asking is what is the widest cut possible

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I believe it’s currently 18.5" x 10". Might be slightly more now.

Edit: I think it’s now 19.5" x 11".

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Ah, so you want to know what is the widest the Glowforge can currently cut on the bed?

Can it cut the full 20"?

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18.5 cool. 19.5 better :japanese_ogre:

Widest cut possible

The last update we had from Dan has the numbers which Tom has, along with this:

To do: When the laser is moving at maximum speed, it needs room to slow down near the top, bottom, and both sides. We’ll be updating the software to compensate for that so it can give you more working space - up to 11.5" x 20.4" for slow movements like cuts; a little bit less for faster motions like engraves.

I don’t know where they’re at on that, but hey. =)

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My smart wife said to do a bounding box on some cardboard that fits the whole crumb tray :grin:


If you are cutting it at home leave most of it uncut. That way if you have a project that needs 14" you can cut accordingly and maximize the size of your cut off.


Good counterpoint :grin:


Correct as of 18 Aug. :+1: