2nd glowforge pro and still doesn't cut through pg with the settings that go

2nd glowforge pro and still doesn’t cut through pg with the settings that come up when you select proof grade medium draft board. Should I just assume that proof grade settings suck and come up with my own

No. Definitely not. It sucks that you’re having issues on a 2nd machine, but the majority of folks don’t, and :glowforge: will work with you until you have a good machine

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Just a random thought, but… two in a row with the same issue seems improbable unless there’s a user contribution. The only thing I can think of that a user might get consistently wrong that would impact the quality of cut is the crumb tray position, specifically if it’s correctly sitting in the “dimples” in the floor of the enclosure. I don’t know about anyone else, but it always takes me a minute or so to be sure I’ve positioned the crumb tray correctly. If it’s not sitting in those dimples, it’ll sit a few mm high and that’d easily make a difference in the quality of the cut.

Is your crumb tray properly “dimpled”? :slight_smile:


I do have the crumb tray positioned in the dimples and it works when I reduce the speed down to about 170 from the preset 183

It doesn’t always for me either, but I live in an extremely high humidity area, so I expect it.

I just reduce the speed by about 5-10 points and it works just fine.

If you have a good set of calipers, you can measure the thickness of the material and compare it to the thickness entered in the default settings for the Proofgrade material. Mine generally swells up from 0.125" to about 0.134" on average, up to 0.139" for the older stuff.


I’m even hitting it a little bit now with the chipboard while cutting puzzles (I’m about 500’ from the beach). No warping issues with the new stuff (thankfully), but did slow down by 10 to get a more consistent cut. I think the higher humidity definitely has an impact on cutting.


And the curved black handle towards the front. That’s been an issue for more than a few people. Maybe not the OP but others stumbling across this thread might need to know to check for that too.


handle to the front too :). I did check the width of the board and it was off by a smidge, but we are talking about .005". will that make a difference?

Shouldn’t. I’ve had worse. You don’t have some PG from a different batch do you? It might be a thicker run. I’ve had that before (more back with the Pre-production unit but occasionally in the past year). I got in the habit of dropping the speed 10 points but then forgot once and they seemed to be back okay.

How is it cutting non-PG? Or something other than medium Draftboard.

Just make sure it’s not warped AT ALL. Because the tiniest warp will make a difference and it’s not always easily seen. I put it on the trap and tap to see if there are any “hollow” sounds which indicate that it’s not in contact with the tray.

If there’s any warp, use the honeycomb hold down pins (in the free files) on edges and/or shielded magnets in the center.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.