2nd Glowforge with same camera issue

Maybe I’m doing something wrong since this is my second Glowforge and it’s doing the exact same thing as my last.

The problem:
My camera loves to look far down, which means there’s a huge gap of wood at the top that I can’t cut. You may be thinking “oh that’s normal, there’s a .5 inch that you can’t cut”, but hold on, I’ve got pictures.

The bed:

The interface:

Note that the wood is all the way to the bottom, so there’s honeycomb exposed even above the wood. Also note how much of the bottom is in frame that it can’t even cut. I’d love that real estate to be added to the top.

Both Glowforges had this exact issue, so perhaps there’s some sort of fix that I’m unsure of. Any sort of refocusing or manual focus doesn’t help much, even if I refocus on the top most part. I tried recalibrating, but this what I see from a fresh recalibration.

So the gap is normally taller at the top than at the bottom. Have you moved that material? Meaning did you cut that in the exact position that you’re showing? If you haven’t moved the material and are actually cutting outside of your visual range, then yeah something is up. If, however, what you see is what you can cut, then that’s pretty normal.

The vertical cutting area of a glowforge is just under 11". Most materials (PG included) is 12" wide, so you have some loss on the sides.

Yeah. That’s normal.

I’m pretty sure they show you the door because everyone understands why you can’t print there, but if they showed you the wood you can’t cut people would be yelling about it.

Actually never mind, no. I know you moved that material by the smoke patterns – you flipped it around vertically. So yeah so far I see nothing out of the norm.


Yup, what they said. There’s about an inch at the top and an inch and a half on the left that don’t show in the camera view, because you can’t cut there.

Notice where the head parks when it finishes calibrating? It can’t go back beyond that.

Oh, interesting. Yeah, I flipped the wood around to use some the space. So to get the max cutting area I should place it in the middle horizontally, and bottom vertically. Thanks for the clarity!

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Thanks for the explanation, everyone! I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!