2nd Star Festival vending this weekend


I’ve been working for the past several weeks getting ready for my vending booth at the 2nd Star Festival down in Oregon this weekend (https://www.facebook.com/events/190955141532749/ ) and this is just a small part of the GF projects we’ve been getting ready. Always before, the pieces have been hand sculpted or 3D printed, but this year the GF has added a whole new and exciting element – including the ID badges all vendors and staff will be wearing.



Badges are stunning! Sell well! :grinning:


Gosh, everything looks great! I hope you are very successful with them.


You have been very busy! Love the coins!


Badges are great! Good Luck!


Very Nice!
(Is it just me, or is Tinkerbell hot?) :rofl:


Not just you. :smile: