3,003 Picture Windows

German Fensterbilder (picture windows) typically feature a single motif like Christmas or Spring.

These are but three possible variations. :sunglasses: There are actually fourteen separate motifs that can be mixed and matched up to six at a time, giving you 3,003 variations to match mood and decor.

Just for fun, I used the CFP mdf with birch on one side and red oak on the other – flipping one or more individual motif pushes the number of variation to over 270k.

NB: I am not selling or sharing the design files, as this is derived from a commercial pattern.


Bummer! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :+1:
(It’s almost like you knew that was coming.)




Ohhhhh, very cool! A lovely accompaniment to your German fan carousel thingys (forget what they are called).


This is really awesome. Wonderful job!


That is beautiful!


These are fab, so cool that you can mix and match the pieces.


That is fantastic. I have not seen these before. Great concept and execution. Love the mix and match part of it!


But you could post a link to the original artist’s work so we could float them some additional cash! These are wicked cool!


Thanks! I’m glad you like these. :grinning:

TL;DR – I could, but I won’t.

You are correct, but I have made a carefully considered decision not to do so. This is a commercial product for me. I’m making these to generate income. I found the artist and entered into a license agreement to produce the physical product. It is against my best interest to give away info that would dilute the market for this product. Surely you can understand that and respect my decision.

The MoaG forum rule is not to ask for any file used – this is a showcase for projects that illustrate the myriad possibilities of the Glowforge. Regardless of the rule, I get numerous requests for the files used in some of my posts via DM (I assume other posters get them as well), so I’ve started adding the little disclaimer in hopes that this will gently guide folks not to DM me with requests that will only be politely declined.

To be honest, I feel like I’m in a damned if I do, damned if I don’t situation. No disclaimer = DM requests. With disclaimer = fewer DM requests and “suggestions” that I share my sources.

So… What would you do in my place?


License agreement - makes complete sense, that wasn’t stated in the original post or I’d not asked.

Forum rule - technically I wasn’t asking for a file - I specifically stated posting a link to the artists work so we could also purchase. If you’ve entered into a license agreement and you’re modifying design so you can sell, I get it. If you wanted to post a file you’d done so on the shared files forum. No biggie.

Your follow up post makes sense, I’ll figure something out if I want to make my own!


o… *What would you do in my place?

Sounds fair to me.
To bad people can’t respect boundaries as specified in this forum.
Luv your postings and hope you continue. Inspirational!

These are spectacular! The left is my favorite … but they are all so neat. Love the concept.

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Where can you get thin MDF with a different veneer on each side? That would be great stuff for many projects!

Columbia Forest Products, exclusively from Home Depot in the us.


Very cool! Love the remix capability. Are all 6 layers the same size? The perspective that makes it look like they’re smaller behind but given the number of combinations you mentioned it sounds like every single layer is the same.

Also FWIW, you initially mentioned that you’re not sharing design files because they’re derived from a commercial pattern so it made sense people asked to support that commercial pattern. Once it was clear you intended to sell your work commercially, I think everyone respected those wishes and were understanding. Best of luck! I think many people would pay for this!


All 14 motifs are the same size, to allow a full mix & match.


Zactly - thank you for elegantly stating what I was trying to state. The spirit of these forums (at least for most people) isn’t nefarious, it’s a giant collaborative of sharing. I can’t add to what you wrote, so I’ll just say ditto.

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