3:1 wire binding half-letter 25 hole pattern SVG


If anyone is making notebooks with 3:1 wire spines, this will save you a few minutes.

3-to-1 wire binding half letter 25 holes.zip (691 Bytes)

The Everything About Comb Binding Thread

Thanks for your generous share!


Thank you!


Thanks for the template!
As a side note, the “Proclick” binding system also uses 3:1 hole ratio. I use this system much more than comb binding. It’s not quite as common as the comb binding, but I think it looks better. It’s available at office depot and amazon with a bunch of info at the following:





Do you happen to have any good tips for making those proclick bindings not come apart? I have the same system and it hasn’t stayed together so well.


I wish I had seen this post a week ago! Haha. Oh well.