3/4" wood stock... two words. ;)



One of my fellow teachers at the lab is gearing up to do a wooden weapons making series with the kids and has asked me about helping.

Of course I suggested we use lasers.

He wondered if the laser could cut all the way through the wooden planks he’s making swords out of. I said that we might need a second pass, but why not try?


One pass. Speed 5, power 85. Boom.


Tube power and type? Wood type?


:slight_smile: Good questions, both. The wood was whatever they dug out of the scrap bin, so…

I can probably peek around Zuko’s innards next time I’m at the shop and see if I can read something about the tube… Or one of my bosses might know. :slight_smile: I’ll keep you posted.


I would guess an 80W tube. But only because higher power is uncommon. 3/4" in a single pass is impressive.


Sounds like a fair guess. It might be worth noting that Zuko is a beast. It was donated to our program and certainly looks industrial.


zuko, ha thats awesome! is the ventilation system named aang?


Power is close to a linear function of length for most glass tubes - given the size, I’m guessing 60-80w.


Today I Learned: Zuko has a 100w tube.

:slight_smile: Also everyone loves the “Aang” idea. We may have more signage in our future.



Yessss! If there’s a computer that runs the laser cutter you could always call it uncle Iroh! Haha


DUDE. We were trying to figure out Iroh!! We’ve been thinking the tea/snacks cabinet or the coffee cart. But Zuko’s laptop is a strong point. I’ll mention to the kids.


There were many high-fives.


Now I wish I could donate a waterjet just so you could have a Katara for the set.


We need to make a couch cover that looks like Appa…


We go to a couple of big costuming conventions every year. I’m hoping to modify an old power wheels to carry a few people around, and we’re gonna make it look like appa!

@likeablejerk maybe the water pump?