3 tray card display

Last week I made the 6 tray card display, this week I made a 3 tray version per request. This should work for all sorts of different things. It’s made for proofgrade plywood still but used white board to mix it up some for photos.

If you want to make your own the files are available on freshstartcustoms.com or FreshStartCustoms | Etsy


Wait is that like dry-erase whiteboard? Where do you get a version of that which is laser-safe?

I’ve bought some on Amazon, before.

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This is just called white board from home depot

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Looks great! I like the white - looks so nice and clean!

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So like this stuff? Or is it more this stuff? The former is definitely dry-erase but I can’t really tell for the latter.

It’s just called white board at my store it’s in the plywood/mdf area. I don’t think it’s either of those.