3 users have access.. but only 2 users exist

Continuing the discussion from 2 users have access… but no other users but me have access:

Previous topic was closed without resolving the problem. In the meantime I have added a “real” user, but the user count is still off by one.

I’m seeing a weird discrepancy in the UI between the Glowforge Printers settings:

3 users have access (owned by Christopher M)

and the Users page, which has only one entry on it: Amy

Amy plus me equals two, not three.

I might have caused this during setup when I “invited” myself because I didn’t understand the question.

For this to be fixed, the number of users listed as having access should be equal to the number of users who have access.


I’ll just guess while you’re waiting on support to answer, but from other threads I’ve read, sometimes there’s a leftover permission (access) left from the tech who did the alignment at the factory.

Thank you so much for the details. I’m looking into it now. As soon as I have more information I’ll update this thread.

I did that when I set up too! I added my email address and I received an email saying I was given permission from myself to use my :glowforge: :joy: :rofl::grin:


Lol, same here :smile:

@chris1 Would you please have a look and tell me how many users you see now?

Now it says 4. But I added one in the meantime. So it should say 3 (if I count as one). Still off by 1.


Thanks for the update. We’ll keep looking.

Good news! This should now be corrected. Would you let us know how many users you see?

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It’s says 3 now, which is correct if it’s counting me and the two more I added.

My pet bug has been vanquished!



Great! Thank you for reporting back.