3 years

3 years ago I bought what many have said was a vaporware laser, expecting to get that laser at some point, and just throw it on a shelf by my other tools.

Things didn’t go as planned, and it was definitely for the best. I’ve met so many cool people, gone to makerfaires with them and my laser, and watched this community grow into something amazing. This is still one of my favorite places on the web.

Thanks to everyone for 3 years of unexpected awesomeness. I know this small window of time is 3 years for a lot of you as well


Yup, I had high hopes for the laser itself but had no clue about how the forum would develop, I don’t think anyone foresaw what was going to happen here.


Happy three year anniversary. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yep—the community is even better than the laser, and that’s saying something! Happy three year!


Why do I feel I should be a few sheets to the wind before posting here :wink:


Because, everything makes much more sense if you do so.


The only thing that kept me around through the delays was reading the forum, and then gradually participating in it. I have yet to meet any members in person, but one of these days…


Same. I visited every day. I think I got a badge for a years worth of consecutive visits.


It’s been a crazy 3 years! I remember meeting people at Maker Faire a few years back, that was a lot of fun!
This forum is definitely a favorite place of mine as well!


I ordered a laser and got a whole new world. You all are the best! My favorite place on the internet too since This Old Tony doesn’t drop a video every day and there are always some cool shenanigans here.


I’m still waiting! Looking at 16 days and 9 hours until the time listed on my account page… which is the closest it has ever been without moving! I’m getting excited and terrified at the same time


Certainty has been a wild ride!!


Happy anniversary!!! Thanks for all that you bring to this group.


I must agree, this is more like family to me.
I have been exploring the Tesla forum and like many other sites, the difference in civility is striking. I am very proud of what we have built here, and this community is as much a part of my glowforge as the crumb tray.

So many kind, helpful people here. I wandered in here a complete novice, and this place encouraged and educated me. I have had the privilege of meeting a dozen of you in person, and dozens more I consider friends.

Exactly, and thank you sir for all you have taught me, and in help making this place what it is! :sunglasses:


Sure hope we can do a Glow-Con someday!


If I were to try to tell an ‘outsider’ about the camaraderie and fun that I find here, I think they would give me ‘a look’.…like I was going crazy. :crazy_face: I would never have believed even my own self if three years ago I said this would happen, either. I love visiting here and do so every day unless my other life keeps it from happening. I feel comfortable coming here with my Glowforge problems and questions and also when I just feel like sharing something that is meaningful to me. Happy 3 years, my friends! And, thank you all for being whom you are and for just being here. The Glowforge itself is the coolest toy/tool I’ve ever owned…and to think it came with all of you as a bonus…priceless.


Now we just wish that the poor international supporters( like myself) that have been waiting for three years will receive their GF before the fourth anniversary comes along… Without this amazing forum I would have left a long time ago- But it has been hard following you guys making amazing stuff and helping each other out while we are still only receiving delays :cry:


Happy Cake Day! I didn’t have the budget, time, or space to take the leap of faith back in the early days, but I’m thankful for those of you who did. And even more thankful to be here now!


A definite happy cake day. The forum has been a definite plus as more than civility the abilities and talents brought to this place exceeds any other I know of.


I can only imagine how tough it is. I’m very glad you’re here with us anyway, though…and I know it’s difficult keeping a stiff upper lip while waiting for so long. You will be jumping up and down in here when yours finally arrives…and I’m hoping along with you, that it will be very, very soon. :slightly_smiling_face: